Fatbikes are great for enjoying the outdoors in all four seasons. By renting a fatbike, you can explore your surroundings on your own. Fatbike was first developed in Alaska based on the mountain bike. The most notable difference between the two are the fatbike’s extra-wide tires, which enable it to roll effortlessly on virtually any surface including snow, mud, rocks and sand. Riding a fat bike is easy. It’s agile and light to pedal.

The Felt 30 DD fatbike is made from high-quality parts to satisfy even the biggest enthusiasts. To get the best out of a fatbike, try soft surfaces such as snow or mud, or take it for a spin along narrow forest paths or on a beach.

You can rent fat bikes in Bistro Nemo in Spa Hotel Peurunka in Laukaa. If you’d rather ride in Jyväskylä, let us know; we’ll arrange a pick-up in Jyväskylä for you.

The price includes:

  • Fatbike, bike helmet, lock and driving light (if needed)
Also available for additional fees:
  • Biker’s survival kit including a bike pump, inner tube, chain repair kit and tire-changing toolkit.
  • Felt DD 10 with front suspension and 11 speeds.
  • Fat bike pick-up services in Laukaa and Jyväskylä.