Night in a tree, for two person

Spend an unforgettable day at the Tentsilemäki in Grelsböle by staying overnight in the tree. Peace and tranquility in nature creates a unique break away from everyday life. Just pack...Reserve
From €180.00

Grelsböle Pleasure Day + Tentsile night for 2 persons

Spend a Pleasure Day at the Grelsböle Tentsilemäki. Enjoy a gourmet meal, sauna & swim in the seaside and stay overnight in the tree. Reserve
From €65.00

Hirsniemi Badger

This cabin (Mäyrä or "The Badger")lies in the forest about half a kilometer from the Mill Museum, on a quiet peninsula. It is suitable for 2-3 adults. Reserve
From €87.00


The Kuutinkämppä wilderness cabin was built in 1987 for park visitors. It’s in the middle of Repovesi National Park, at Kuutinlahti lakeshore. You can hike there from Olhava. There...Vuokraa
From €95.00

Saarijärvi Forestry Hut

The old forestry hut at Saarijärvi is located at the northern entrance of the park and includes sauna. Varaa kämppä
From €158.00

Skytent for two

Elegant Tentsile Experience Camp in Nummela, Finland. Have a memorable experience with friends, spouse or family in a unique environment. Enjoy the evening by a campfire, with a view over the...Reserve
From €75.00

Old lumberjack cabin of Verla

This old cabin from early 1900 is on top of the rock with the rock paintings at the start of the Verlankoski rapids. The shore is rocky and the current is strong. The cabin is suited for 4-6 people. Reserve